Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Attendance Tracker v1.5 - Help


Please Update to version 1.5, if you haven't already. Share Semester feature has been added Multilanguage Support has been added
German & Spanish has been added.  Contact me if you would like to help in adding more languages or improving the current ones.

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Some Important Changes you should know
  • If you had already started a semester, it will be named 'Default'
  • The new features won't work if there is no external storage
  • Now, The 'Restore from sdcard' feature will not replace data. No need to create a dummy semester
  • If You face the problem "Widget Already Added", the settings page has an option to fix it.
  • The Widget and Notifications will work only for the active semester.
  • You need to register using your google account to share semesters
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Changing Active Semester
Share Your Semesters

The Main Page

Pretty Simple! Now you can view the current semester statistics here. Gives options for
  • Starting a new semester
  • Viewing your overall attendance
  • Viewing only those whose attendance is to be marked.
  • Change the current active semester

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Adding a New Sem

  • Enter the Semester Name - The name should contain alphanumeric characters only. Also, it should not be similar to the names of other existing semesters.
  • You have to specify the start date of the semester.
  • End Date is optional. If you have entered it, you can long press on it to clear the date.
  • You can change the dates, by pressing on the respective dates.
  • 'Add Courses' button opens up a page where you can add a new course.
  • Once a course is added, it will show up in the list. The list is scrollable. So, don't worry if you cant see all your courses.
  • Clicking on a course, gives you the option for editing the weekly structure or removing it completely.
  • Lastly, don't forget to press the 'Save/Edit' Button to save the sem structure before pressing the back button. In any case, the app will warn you.

Adding a Course

  • Type your course name. Due to space constraints, you might not be able to see the whole text.
  • Select the day and time (click on the black 'Lecture Time') and press add.
  • If you want to change the time, again press on the time.
  • And again, press the save/edit button before pressing the back button, the app will warn you anyway.
  • Also, the app wont let you save, if you have added lectures with the same time and day of week.

Viewing Courses

The view pending and the view all course attendance options are similar except that, the lectures in view pending will disappear once you have marked them and you don't get extended options for the courses.

  • Click on the course name to see all the corresponding lectures
  • Colours are used to differentiate between the various status of the lectures.
  • Even if you have marked a lecture, you can still change the status later.
  • Click on a lecture which has happened for options to set its status.
  • Long press on the course name for options to add an extra lecture and view the attendnace information.

Changing Active Semester

Lists down all the semesters that have been created along with the some info.

  • The active semester cannot be deleted.
  • Atleast 1 semester has to be active and only 1 can be active at a time.

Settings Page

  • Click on the option for enabling/disabling the daily notification. You can set the notification time.
  • Click on the option for enabling/disabling the attendance defaulter information. You can set the required attendance here.
  • You can backup/restore your data to the sdcard.
  • An option for fixing any widget problems has been added
  • You can change the language in use here.
  • You need to register using a google account. Then, you need to Refresh your contacts to check for contacts who have already registered.
  • On the main screen, after activating the semester to be shared, just click on "Share this semester".
  • You can either choose from the above contacts or enter emailids manually.
  • Your friend will get the semester the next time he starts the app

     The Widget

    • Shows only the pending lectures of all the courses in the active semester
    • Click on the number of pending lectures on the left of the widget ot launch the app
    • The Widget is updated once an hour.


    Notifications can be enabled from the settings menu. You will be notified of any pending lectures once a day. The time can be set from the settings menu. Notification works only for the current active semester


    1. Is there a way to transfer or back and restore the information from one phone to the other??

    2. Is there a way to transfer or back and restore the information from one phone to the other??